When will Roblox be available on PlayStation?

Roblox is coming to PlayStation

September and October are exciting months with all the new Apple devices and games getting released. It appears that Roblox have announced their release on the Sony PlayStation for sometime in October 2023. This is huge for Roblox since the original Roblox release from 2006. What took so long to get to Sony's playground? More stats found on DemandSage.

How many users does Roblox have?

According to the most recent current statistics Roblox has about 65.5 million daily active users. Currently Roblox also has over a total of 200 million monthly active users.

However, looking at the chart below it shows Roblox has averaged about 200 million users monthly since May, 2021.

So this year in August of 2023, this was not the first time they reached 200 million users because Roblox reached 200 million users monthly over 2 years ago.

How much is Roblox worth?

The latest stats say that Roblox net worth is approximately $17 billion in September 2023. Their revenue has topped $1.3 billion in 2023.

What is the history of daily active users on Roblox?

With the current 200 million monthly users as mentioned above, here is a bird's eye view of historical information and a blast from the past:

Month/Year Monthly Active Users
February 2016 Over 9 million
December 2016 Over 30 million
March 2017 Over 48 million
July 2017 Over 56 million
December 2017 Over 64 million
September 2018 Over 70 million
April 2019 Over 90 million
August 2019 99 million
December 2019 155 million
January 2020 165 million
June 2020 159 million
December 2020 175 million
January 2021 180 million
May 2021 205 million
December 2021 225 million
January 2022 224.5 million
May 2022 211 million
December 2022 203.11 million
January 2023 203.90 million
April 2023 210 million
August 2023 202 million

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