What Are The Lawsuits Against Artificial Intelligence (AI) Companies? - What About AI Poisoning?

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Lawsuits against AI companies

There are many lawsuits that have developed over the last few years against many different artificial intelligence (AI) or AI-generated developers. It was hard to find a master list of all the AI lawsuits even on Wikipedia which didn't contain them all. I decided to compile a list of my own all in one place here for easy consumption. The AI lawsuit list will follow below, however let's jump in and understand some of the information, and what has happened with AI over the last few years.

How much data does an AI need to be trained?

A whole heck of a lot of data is needed to make the AI smarter. Millions and billions of data sources, words, sentences, paragraphs, and images have been scraped from the internet without peoples consent. While all this scraping was going on... mostly all owners were unaware until their work started appearing in many different AI results. 

AI Poisoning: Are there tools to help stop the AI's from scraping data and copyrighted material?

Since AI companies started scraping the internet, tools have been developed to help stop this behavior. For example, the website your looking at right now (no follow: by blocking AI Bots from scraping data) is suppose to be blocking any AI scrapers from devouring and taking any of this data you're seeing on any of these website pages.

Since the damage has already been done over the years with AI scraping the internet, we can only move forward with what's right. We can also help bring awareness about the legality of the AI's scanning... and if it is legal for AI's to continue to take more data without permission or compensation.

Tools such as Nightshade - AI Poisoning, and Glaze (Protects Art Images using cloaking technology), have been created to fight back against the stealing of work and data from the internet. Basically, these tools will disrupt the process and poison the AI scrapers when AI's are taking data without owners consent.

Running list of Lawsuits against AI companies

Here is a list put together to keep track of all the lawsuits. This seems alarming since there are so many AI lawsuits and the list keeps growing every month.

From the list below, it appears that the company OpenAI (ChatGPT) with Microsoft is leading the lawsuits so far with 7 of the 16 lawsuits. It's ironic since Microsoft has been a long time partner and contributor to OpenAI, where Microsoft has invested Billions with the company OpenAI. Microsoft has contributed over 11 Billion to the AI company OpenAI (makers of ChatGPT and DALL-E). 

PlaintiffArtificial Intelligence (AI)Date
1)  Thomson ReutersROSS Intelligence Inc.05/06/2020
2)  GitHubOpenAI (Microsoft)11/03/2022
3)  Sarah AndersenStability AI01/13/2023
4)  Getty ImagesStability AI02/03/2023
5)  FloraPrisma Labs02/15/2023
6)  YoungNeoCortex03/03/2023
7)  WaltersOpenAI06/05/2023
8)  12 PlaintiffsOpenAI (Microsoft)06/28/2023
9)  Tremblay/AwadOpenAI06/28/2023
10)  KadreyMeta (Formerly Facebook)07/07/2023
11)  SilvermanOpenAI07/07/2023
12)  Plaintiffs (anonymous)Google07/11/2023
13)  ChabonOpenAI09/08/2023
14)  Authors GuildOpenAI09/17/2023
15) HuckabeeMeta (Formerly Facebook)10/17/2023
16)  Concord MusicAnthropic (Amazon)10/18/2023

I will keep adding more lawsuits to the table above as they are created. I suppose there maybe some missing from the chart from last year or the year before? For more information on each specific lawsuit you can search the internet, as there is an abundance of details on each.

What are the Privacy Laws for AI?

What about AI privacy laws? Some of the existing laws my apply like copyright infringement, but Governments and lawyers definitely have more work to do for artificial intelligence (AI) privacy laws.

We definitely need more privacy laws specifically for AI if any of the current existing privacy laws can't be appointed. I suspect that after all these lawsuits are final and the outcomes determined, new AI laws will need to be written especially to cover consumers for their data being scraped from the web.

What privacy laws currently exist and where?

Privacy laws are confusing and can be complicated since laws are different per US State, Nation, EU, UK, etc. For example, EU and their GDPR (5/25/2018) is one of the strongest with their tracking, pursuing tech giants, and holding them accountable with millions and billions of dollars in fines. After Brexit, the UK had to follow their own UK policy laws as GDPR was not covering the UK anymore.

Here are some official privacy laws, however since AI has ramped up over the last few years, more states (USA) are increasing their privacy laws.

  • 5/25/2018 - EU's General Protection Data Regulation (GDPR) 
  • A few US States effectively have been recently starting to activate and sign:
    • 1/1/2023: California (CCPA, CPRA)
    • 1/1/2023: Virginia (VCDPA)
    • 7/1/2023: Colorado (CPA)
    • 7/1/2023: Connecticut (CTDPA)

Charts above found at iaap.org: