Hackers Claim They Stole 7 Million Records From DNA Tester 23andMe

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What was stolen from 23andMe?

Reports have been discussing that there was a data breach, where millions of pieces of private data was obtained from 23andMe. There was also discussion around the hacker used common passwords (Hint, Hint, strong passwords are harder to crack) to access and obtain the shared DNA that users opted to share.

One source from the Dark-web reported the data was already for sell, where a hacker said the data contained about half of all the members from 23andMe, which would equal about 7 million users who could be effected:

Twitter Post of 23and Me

In the post above, @DarkWebinformer claimed that if 23andMe doesn't claim a data breach within 24 hours, all the data would be released.

What else was stolen from 23andMe?

Another hacker claimed he had 1 million records for sale that was tailored to ethnic groups like Ashkenazi people. This breach not only targeted 23andMe, but now also targeted toward ethnic groups. The data for sale from ethnic types was listed:

$1k for 100 profiles
$5k for 1000 profiles
$20k for 10,000 profiles
$100k for 100,000 profiles

What was 23andMe's response to this claim?

Still under investigation to the claims, 23andMe made an announcement on their website and have launched a forensics investigation to find the proof.

23andMe starts forensic investigation