Best Headsets For Microsoft Teams (WFH)

What are the Best Headsets for Work From Home?

It can be hard finding reliable headsets for working from home. I have done plenty of search and testing and found the following links below to headsets that work the best for Work From Home (WFH).

I have found that Jabre and Plantronics brands and manufacturers provide the best and truest live experience during Microsoft Teams, WebEx, and Zoom calls. Other headsets other than these brands have many issues with either the microphone, the way they connect, or the sound in the speakers is cut to mono sound. These ones below are optimized for Microsoft Windows and Teams.

Bluetooth Wireless - Optimized for Microsoft Teams 

I have both the wired and bluetooth wireless ones and they work very well and are very reliable. People on the other end of the call say my voice sounds the clearest using these ones.

The brand Jabre has been in business for a long time and have a great reputation for manufacturing headsets. Jabre brand makes you sound truly like when you're in person as well as the sounds from voices on the other end in your ear.

These two from Jabre actually sit on the face of your ear, not fully surrounding the ear so you won't get the full noise reduction into the ear since these two don't seal the ears completely. However they do have noise cancelling in terms of the microphone picking up unwanted noises in the background that you don't want other callers to hear.

However, this Jabre 2 (85) completely seals both ears for complete noise reduction for the ears. It keep all the loud noises from entering your ears, and so you can focus on the call without loud noise distractions (example: vacuum cleaner, lawn mower, kids screaming, etc.), and only hear what other speakers on the other end of the call are saying.

Wired (USB) Headsets- Optimized for Microsoft Teams 

Wired headsets are cheaper because they are wired (USB) and not wireless. Plantronics is the other reputable brand besides Jabre.

What other brands are there for work from home?

There a few other brands that have hit the market like Logitech, Sony, and others for meeting calls, however I have not been able to test the newer ones.

I also tested the Apple AirPods Max which cost $549 new at Apple. I then tested the Sony WH-1000XM4 which cost $261 and the Sony WH-1000XM5 which cost $328 which I own, however during calls I was told that my voice sounded farther away and sometimes a bit of static. I also had issues connecting the Sony headphones (music is amazing) as they would work sometimes for computer calls, and then the next call they would not connect completely. For example: I could hear the other callers but my microphone was muted by some other system function in Windows which I had to constantly find and fix every other call.

For these reasons this is why I went back and stuck with Jabre and Plantronics brands as they are very reliable and always connect and I never have any issues. The Sony ones are perfect for music and sound amazing but just not for work calls via the computer.