The New CyberTruck from Tesla: What is your order number and when will it be produced?

The CyberTruck presentation in 2019...

4 years ago, back in November 2019, after the announcement and the show of Tesla's new CyberTruck, the windows were supposed to be bulletproof, however the steel ball broke the windows twice. Elon Musk mentioned though at least the ball didn't go all the way through the window. Was the ball supposed to bounce off the window but not crack the window?

3 Different Mile Model Ranges to Choose

Base price is $40k and there is a 250 mile low end range. There is also a 350 mile range which is a little better, however the 500 mile long range seems to be more promising that may cost you over $70k. How long will it take to get one delivered or when could you get a new one off the assembly line?

How long is the waiting list if I order the CyberTruck today?

There have been some estimations and taking into consideration all of the delays, could it really be 5 years if I ordered one today?

With 1.9 million orders, according to crowd source data tracker, and Tesla only being able to produce a max amount of about 375k a year... that would come to approximately 5.2 years if you ordered one today!

If it is correct that almost 1.9 million people have put in an order for the new CyberTruck reservation count, that is a lot of folks wanting to own one.

  • If there is a $100 deposit and 1.9 million CyberTruck reservations counted:
    • Then $100 X 1,900,000 million = $190 million dollars of pre investment dollars Elon Musk has received?

CyberTruck reservation order number tracking and when it will be produced?

If you search the internet for CyberTruck order numbers you will find that orders started at 112744100.

You might need a CyberTruck reservation number calculator, however if you take your own order number and subtract it from 112744100, the answer could give you an idea for your region and place in line for how long it might be for your CyberTruck to be built.

Because of this people may have their CyberTruck reservation for sale, since they don't want to wait any longer and not sure how long it will be.

There are plenty of other E-Truck choices...

With all the delays for the CyberTruck, others E-Trucks have surpassed the CyberTruck release with other new cool electric trucks coming down the pipeline.

There may be some other types of electric trucks that don't have such a long waiting list. The new Rivian is looking pretty nice, Rivian Electric Truck. However, there maybe a long wait there too since the Rivian was a newer electric truck as well, but I have seen a few people already driving them. Also the new Ford F-150 is a solid contender but the CyberTruck does look the coolest.

Anyways, here we are 4 years later after the stage show and broken windows. In addition, there have been some rumors lately about the CyberTruck having some major design flaws: CyberTruck design flaws.

It's not looking good, however the CyberTruck is still available to order today if you want to wait 5 years! - CyberTruck - Check it out on Tesla's website

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