Does Bitdefender antivirus work well to protect a Mac?

Does it slow down your Mac?

Bitdefender doesn't slow my Mac down at all. I have used so many different anti-virus softwares and I really like Bitdefender. I've never been infected and it works flawlessly.

Any major drawbacks when running?

The only thing I have experienced as a drawback is when you first boot up your Mac, the software updates which is normal after you login, other then that I've had no other issues. The experiences I've had in the past with many other anti-virus software companies I've had many issues. I really like how Bitdefender has everything setup in their portal and the ease of use of Bitdefender. I have experienced other anti-virus softwares bogging down my computer much more than Bitdefender.

The "Total Security" package is the one I use and I can protect up to a total of 10 different devices no matter the type of operating system. It also includes web browsing protection and keeping your files safe. I highly recommend this product to further protect your Mac.

Why choose Bitdefender for Mac?

Because they are a well reputable brand that continues to innovate everyday.

"Bitdefender Labs discovers 400 new threats each minute and validates 30 billion threat queries daily. Technology is licensed by more than 180 of the world’s most recognized technology brands." - 

I have been using Bitdefender for almost 5 years now for all my devices. I really like how I have been trouble free for all this time and it has not held me back.

Various types of bundles to choose from

Bitdefender also provides us with multiple options such as multi machines and mixed operating systems.

For example, let's say you have a Mac, Windows, iPhones, and Androids all mixed up in the same house hold, Bitdefender will allow you to download for any type of operating machine no matter what package you purchase.

Check out Bitdefender website for all the different options

Also Bitdefender for Home or Business