Should I upgrade to the new iPhone 15 Pro Max?

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Summary of Article

The new iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max revealed this week September 12th.

With all the new iPhone 15 Pro Max upgrades and changes... will you upgrade or just wait until the iPhone 16 Pro Max is released in 2024?

For starters the camera was upgraded on the 15 Pro Max to 48 megapixel, the charging plug was changed to USB-C charger, a new Titanium finish, an upgraded A17 Pro Chip (Apple/Screenshot below), and don't forget the mute slider button was removed and changed to a multi option single press button.

Is all this enough to make you want or need to upgrade to the new iPhone 15 Pro Max?

But wait... let's dive in a bit more and cover the details or main reasons why you really want to upgrade.

So should you upgrade or not?

Still contemplating and justifying why you should upgrade? There are some thoughts first that may apply to different scenarios, it may depend on what iPhone series you are currently using.

However, we'll focus on some of the obvious big reasons as to why you should upgrade to the new iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Other obvious reasons like if you have an older iPhone that doesn't have the dynamic island and you also want USB-C, a bit lighter Pro or Pro Max, a titanium finish, and all the other little bells and whistles, then upgrade to the iPhone 15 Pro Max, as it also has the improved camera upgrades and 48 megapixel. - Is that enough to upgrade?

If you have last years iPhone 14 Pro Max, it might make sense to wait unless you gotta have the USB-C right away and you want all the camera upgrades.

Or if you just have the money to spend and you want the latest and greatest, then go for it.

But wait, there is one other thing to consider as well, what about the display refresh rate on the iPhone 15 Pro Max, was this upgraded as well?

Was the 60HZ screen refresh rate upgraded on the iPhone 15 Pro Max?

Rumors were it may not get the display refresh rate of 120HZ until possibly in 2025.

However... the iPhone 15 Pro models do have 120HZ refresh rate (smoother scrolling), with the option in the settings to change it back to 60HZ refresh rate if needed.

The main reasons why you should upgrade to the new iPhone 15 Pro Max:

Here are the main iPhone changes below as to why you might want to upgrade to the new iPhone 15 Pro Max that I think are substantial.

Even the removal of the the mute slider button on the new iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max is an added bonus or just getting used to a new change.


If you already have other Apple devices or any other non-Apple devices which you are already charging with USB-C, then this should be a no brainer. USB-C would then fit into the rest of your ecosystem of chargers.

For example, I have a pair of Sony headphones that uses a USB-C plug to charge, so I use the same cable to charge my MacBook.

Camera upgrade on the iPhone 15 Pro Max

The main shooting camera is now 48 megapixels, however the front camera is 12 megapixels for selfies. The 48 megapixels would give you much better details in your pictures as well as more color. Portraits also got an upgrade which you can apply after the picture was taken. There is also the added 5 times zoom for the telephoto lens.

Titanium casing on iPhone 15 pro Max instead of stainless steel

Less fingerprints, overall lighter weight, slight reduction in overall dimensions, smoother edges, smaller bezels, and stronger than stainless steel. Definitely a great addition since this is the same titanium they use for the Mars Rover. 

A17 Processing chip

Need 10% more processing power with the new iPhone 15 Pro Max? Well the A17 Pro will give you just that. Each year it is clear that Apple continues to increase the processing power and moving to Pro processing chipset technology. 

Final words and now your decision...

Well there you have it, I might be upgrading to the new iPhone 15 Pro Max. However, I may wait a bit longer to see if there are any bugs, as well as wait for the surge of buyers to settle down before I trade my iPhone in for the new iPhone 15 Pro Max. For me it does make sense to upgrade, however even if I don't this year I will definitely upgrade next year.