Strong Tech Health App: Keep Track Of Your Workouts

Strong App Has a lot to offer...

Want to keep track off all your workouts and look back at historical dates?

Strong app is one of my favorite apps I use every day of the week. I bought a lifetime membership and now I own the app. I have to say it is worth every penny if you want to take your workout with you or just track your progress and save everything.

Keep track of reps, sets, time, history, export, etc.

The app also syncs with your Apple watch and that is where you select your workout and hit start. You use your watch to complete sets or edit your rep counts when you finish each set.

I love looking back on the calendar and scrolling down to see how many times I worked out each week or each month,  which incudes all the details and historical look back. You can even export all your workout history to a .csv file for a single view!

You can add as many sets as you want and how many reps per set. Even during a workout of you need to you can add anther set on the fly. A fully customizable app that saves everything. It also has a timer you can set in between sets so you know how long to rest between each set. I have found it to be the best personal weight lifting app I have found so far.

Check out Strong App at their website