Coolest Gadget Ever... detect a hidden camera in your Hotel Room?

Privacy Is a Huge Concern

Do you ever get the feeling someone is watching you secretly without your consent or knowledge?

Have you ever gone on vacation and think there may be some hidden camera in your rental home?

It's no fun if your privacy is invaded or an owner illegally installs hidden cameras. You can detect a camera if you're curious or just paranoid!

I know I enjoy good privacy and wouldn't want to be recorded or secretly watched. - Not sure anyone else would want to be watched without being notified.

Privacy is a huge concern these days.

Look for a Hidden Camera then...

In case you want to detect a hidden camera in your hotel, there is a cool technology tool for that.

For example let's say you were renting a room, hotel, condo, house, etc., ... and you want to detect and see if someone is hiding a camera to spy on you.

I've never tried this product, but the next time I'm on vacation I will pick one of these handy tech gadgets up, because landlords seem to want to start spying on their tenants.