E-Bike Class 1 - Specialized Tech: Meet the Turbo Levo


Want the coolest technology in an E-bike?

The Specialized Turbo Levo E-bike and the technology used to build it is simply amazing. The E-bike technology assists you while you pedal, so you still have to work to move the bike.

You still have to pedal or it won't assist...

The Turbo Levo does't climb for you (Class 1 E-bike) automatically. You still have to pedal to get the assistance which still gives you a workout. Again, you have to pedal for it to take action and assist you. There are different types of e-bike classes.

Which e-bikes assist without pedaling?

  1. "Class 1 E-bike" will assist if you pedal but then when you reach 20 mph the bike will no longer assist.
  2. "Class 2 E-bike" has a throttle that you can use to make you go without having to pedal and same thing at 20 mph, it will no longer assist.
  3. "Class 3 E-bike" which is pedal assist, but 28 mph is the max on class 3.

Check out the different models of the Turbo Levo

Turbo Levo Pro Carbon:

S4 S5 S6
160mm 160mm 160mm
780mm 780mm 780mm
35mm 50mm 50mm
143mm 143mm 143mm
185mm 185mm 213mm
635mm 644mm 653mm
477mm 502mm 532mm
125mm 135mm 145mm
64.5° 64.5° 64.5°
350mm 350mm 350mm
27mm 27mm 27mm
130mm 130mm 130mm
567mm 567mm 567mm
44mm 44mm 44mm
814mm 843mm 878mm
442mm 442mm 442mm
1255mm 1284mm 1318mm
787mm 788mm 790mm
425mm 445mm 465mm
76.2° 76.2° 76.2°
255mm 275mm 295mm
80mm 80mm 80mm