AWS: Host a static website with S3 and CloudFront

Build your own Static Website on AWS for free

You can host an HTML static website page in an S3 bucket using the free tier level for 12 months, after that it may only be $2 to $3 a month after the 12 months free.

All it takes is a little technical work and computer skills and you can have a free website for 12 month on AWS. It does take some time but well worth the hands on experience with the website set up using AWS cloud tools. I setup a few websites myself using AWS including this one. It contained a lot of steps to get to the final look of the site, however if your looking for a simple website especially if it is a single webpage page, then take advantage of creating a free AWS account and start building your new webpage in the cloud for free. 

I'm putting together another website but this time I will be documenting all of the steps as some of the steps have changed over the years. Once I have the process documented and streamlined I will add it here below for others to follow as it does become a little complicated with setting up with all the required configurations. It becomes much easier after you do it a couple times!

Build a free website on AWS